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Find Your Child's Unique Voice

My name is Helen Lowe, and I'm really excited to see how many parents have already reserved their Mockingbird membership – thank you! In my more than thirty years in education – the last twelve as a Headteacher – the question I am most often asked by concerned parents is: "What can I do to support my child at home?"

Now I have set up Mockingbird Consultancy to pass on the benefits of my years developing children's unique abilities.

My aim, through Mockingbird Consultancy, is quite simply to provide parents with an exclusive and bespoke service giving advice and guidance on all aspects of education and parenting of children up to the age of 13.

Membership gives you immediate access to this advice whenever you need it. To ensure you get the best possible service, we limit memberships to a maximum of fifty.

Our Services

(Launching in September 2021)

  • Parental Consultations

    Membership gives you access to Helen Lowe and a small number of select staff whenever you wish to discuss any aspect of your child's education, or any parenting concerns. 

  • Parenting Courses

    A range of six-week online courses will cover a wide range of common concerns: from how to choose a school, to support with children's social and emotional development, to strategies for reading at home with your child without having a battle!

  • Courses For Your Children

    Six-week online courses will cover many of the issues children struggle with: for example, developing vocabulary for children for whom English is not their first language; or courses which encourage reluctant readers to engage positively with books. In addition, other courses will extend and enrich the most able children's passion for language and literature.

  • Exclusive Membership

    Mockingbird is members only; we restrict the number of available memberships to a maximum of fifty to ensure the best response time and our ability to meet your and your children's unique needs. You have the option to pay termly, or for a full year at a discount.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How often can I make contact with Mrs Lowe and Mockingbird?

    A: As often as you like! Mockingbird is a way to support parents when they most need it. Schools and Headteachers are the best people to advise you as they know your child really well. We are for the times when you want extra advice or guidance – hence the limit on the number of members.

    Q: Are the courses like tutoring?

    A: No! Those parents who know me personally know that I will always tell you that unless tutoring is done hand-in-hand with a child's school there is no point in it at all. Mockingbird courses are all about enrichment of language and literature skills for both parents and children. The courses are not linked to any exams at all – we leave that to the schools and their expertise. More details here.

    My passion is inspiring and developing a love of language and literature. Of course, children engaged positively with reading and writing do better in their learning both generally and, by extension, in their exams and assessments.

    Q: Will courses take place over the summer?

    A: No; the company launches in September so that I can fulfil all my current school commitments.

    Q: Are there any sample courses?

    A: The course titles for the first half term are now available (for children here and for parents here) so you can start thinking about what might be of interest to you or your children

    Q: What do I do if I have other questions?

    A: Please email me and I will respond as soon as possible.

    Meet Helen Lowe

    My professional career began in the theatre as an actor. This was followed by working in theatre in education before going into teaching in 1989. As a child, I had dreamed of being an actress and a teacher, and the second part of my ambition was fulfilled when I joined a comprehensive in Harlow, Essex as a Drama teacher. My senior school experience included teaching Drama at St Paul's Girls' School which I loved, but once I had my own children I decided to retrain to teach primary age children.  

    I have loved my teaching and subsequently my roles in management and ultimately my two Headships. Everywhere I have taught, in both state and independent schools, has given me enormous joy and I have relished every aspect of all of these experiences. My love of teaching and commitment to helping children to develop remains as strong as ever.

    Now I am excited about the next stage of my career. After leaving Bute House in July 2021, I shall be working as the Director of Primary Education for SPGS International, as well as starting Mockingbird Consultancy. This project is a very personal one as I have learned over the past years that parents are often not given the support they need; every parent wants to do their best but how to carry out this challenging, but hugely exciting, role is not ever really explained. My aim with Mockingbird Consultancy is to change this and support parents every step of the way.  

    Services launch September 2021. Secure your membership now using the form below

    Membership is limited to 50 families.

     Annual membership is £5000 for parents and one child. Each additional child is £1500.

    For example, a family with two participating children will pay £6500 per year.

    Termly membership is available at a rate of £1850 per term, with each additional child at £550.

    There are no additional charges.

    Membership includes full access to advice whenever required,

    plus as many courses as members and their children wish to attend.

    Booking A Call

    If you are interested in registering with Mockingbird Consultancy but have some questions,

    book a call with Helen Lowe.

    Send an email requesting a call to: [email protected] 

    Philippa, Senior Administrator, will liaise with you to arrange a time.